Bethra, the clown of the pack, is a typical hound. She is strong willed and really likes to live life by her own rules, however, she is also very gentle and loving. Though aloof with strangers, as the breed standard states, Bethra is at her happiest when all of the family are together. Unusually for a Ridgeback she loves to swim and it is always hard work to keep her away from water. Bethra’s name is often shortened to Bea, which was the name given to her in the litter as she had a small birth mark on her tummy in the shape of a B.
Bethra is an elegant well-proportioned red wheaten full of power and drive when on the move. She doesn’t really enjoy showing and lives for when she can be out running free but she has done exceptionally well at the shows she has attended and became a Champion in 2011.


Some of Bethra’s achievements:

2007 M&NRRC Ch. 1st Post Graduate. Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate. Stud Book Number. Winner of Best Descendant of Ch Mingo of Manscross Footpath Trophy.
2008 Hound Show Ch. 2nd Limit. Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate
2009 WELKS Ch. 1st Open. Bitch Challenge Certificate. Winner of Mentamery Trophy.
2009 Windsor Ch. 1st Open. Bitch Challenge Certificate
2011 Hound Show Ch. 1st Open. Bitch Challenge Certificate. Winner of Grayhaven Trophy & Juniper of Grayhaven Cup.
Kennel Club Good Citizen.


Extracts from a few of Bethra’s critiques:

WELKS Ch 2006. Judge: Janet Nolan
Red wheaten, very pretty head and expression, good shoulder placement, deep chest, good ribcage and length of loin, long tail carried correctly, quarters developing nicely, moved accurately with long easy strides, a nice bitch.

Paignton Ch 2007. Judge: Marion Spavin
Lovely front and feet, good reach of neck, nice body shape, well bent stifles, sound free mover.

M&NRRC Ch 2007. Judge: Sue Simper
Red wheaten, appealed immensely, lovely classic head, flat skull, ears carried close to the head, correct stop, beautiful eye and expression, chiselling under the eye that gives such quality, good length of foreface with deep padded muzzle, in immaculate condition, well balanced outline, strongly boned and substantial but remaining feminine, long shapely neck into very well angulated shoulder, deep capacious rib extending well back with good spring, broad strong loin, level topline with good length over croup, strong shapely hindquarters, good width of second thigh, low set hocks producing great drive, profile action free, flowing and athletic with good extension in forehand. RCC.

LKA Ch 2007. Judge: Gillian Craven
Elegant quality bitch, good head, neck and front. Excellent hind angulation moved out well.

Hound Show 2008. Judge: S Rossiter
Lovely bitch, stronger in head than 1 but still feminine, good length of neck and angulation to the front, good bone and depth of chest, good ribbing. Preferred the topline and loin of 1. Good rear angulation, width of thigh and second thigh, good turn of stifle, moved well. Two quality bitches. RCC

WELKS Ch 2009. Judge: Sue Simper
Caught my eye immediately when entering the ring, substantial, red wheaten, up to size, super bone, love her head which fits the Standard completely, flat skull with no cheekiness, correct stop, lovely length of muzzle which has good depth, long neck shapely and strong into exceptionally well laid shoulders, super front and feet, good forechest, superb ribbing, deep, capacious and carried well back which gives her good length, strong broad, loin well set on hindquarters which are broad, and muscular, excellent bend of stifle good width to second thigh, well let down hock, free long striding profile action, covering the ground easily. CC

Southern Counties Ch 2009. Judge: Gill Lawless
Bitch with a lovely outline, feminine head of good proportions, dark round eye, good length of neck and layback of shoulder, nice tight elbows, deep chest, well angulated rearquarters which she used to produce a positive action.

Windsor Ch 2009. Judge: J Morris
Very sound, well made red wheaten, lovely head and expression, well angulated, good infill and depth of chest, well boned with good feet, very powerful long striding bitch, who held topline on the move. CC



East of England Ch 2011, Judge: Janet Parker
Typical head and expression, excellent expression, good bone, moved and handled well, deserved her placing.

Hound Show Ch 2011, Judge: Anthea Fox
I love this bitch, sound and well balanced throughout with plenty of bone and substance, feminine head of good proportions with a nice dark eye, long reach of neck, well placed shoulders, strong hindquarters with a good turn of stifle, so sound on the move, covering the ground with no effort at all. BCC

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