Barak is a gentle soul who really just wants to please. Like many Ridgebacks he can be very lazy, unless there is something to chase and then he is extremely fast. Barak doesn’t realise he is supposed to be aloof with strangers, he just wants to be everyone’s friend.
Barak is a very moderate hound who has the speed, stamina and athletic physique to be fit for the purpose Ridgebacks were bred for. He is a rich red wheaten and has a lovely head with a kind eye. Barak has done really well in the show-ring and has come home with many firsts and seconds at Championship shows.



Some of Barak’s achievements:

2006 Crufts. 2nd Special Puppy
2006 South Wales Ch. Best Dog
2007 RRCofGB Open. Winner of Worthit Trophy, Footpath Trophy and Bizweni Trophy
2007 Bournemouth Ch. Stud Book Number
2008 Crufts. 1st Limit
2008 East of England Ch. 1st Limit Dog, Reserve Challenge Certificate.
2012 SRRA Open Show. Best Veteran In Show, Bruet Bowl.

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2013 Crufts. 1st Veteran. Best Veteran Dog. Reserve Challenge Certificate.
2013 Hound Show Ch. 1st Veteran. Best Veteran In Breed
2013 Paignton Ch. 1st Veteran. Best Veteran In Breed
2013 RRCofGB Ch. 1st Veteran. Best Veteran In Show. Winner of The Khwebha Trophy and Mirengo’s Jacob Mirenga Trophy.
2013 SRRA Winner of The Sofala Jefferson and Lincoln Cup for Best Veteran of the Year.
2013 M&NRRC Open. 1st Veteran. Best Veteran In Show
2013 LKA Ch. 1st Veteran. Best Veteran in Breed
2013 M&NRRC. Winner of The Kwekwe Trophy for Top Winning Veteran
2014 Crufts. 2nd Veteran
2014 RRC of GB. Winner of The Janak Marie Trophy for Top Winning Veteran
2014 SRRA Winner of The Sofala Jefferson and Lincoln Cup for Best Veteran of the Year.
Kennel Club Good Citizen
Canine Blood Donor for Pet Blood Bank.


Extracts from a few of Barak’s critiques:

Houndshow Ch 2005. Judge: Harry Brown
Lovely outline, correct skull, ear carriage and pigmentation. Bright round eyes, nice front, good feet, nicely tucked up. Happy little mover. (First show, qualified for crufts)

Bath Ch 2006. Judge: J Aitken Johnston
Lovely balanced youngster, plenty of bone, good depth of brisket and topline, lovely head, strong muzzle and shaped eyes, carried ears well, moved soundly keeping topline on the move.

RRCofGB Open 2006. Judge: Lyn Hewson
Handsome youngster with good head and expression, good reach of neck, angulations corresponded giving him a lovely shape and outline standing and on the move.

South Wales Ch 2006. Judge: Bryan Dyson
BD. lovely hound of good size, excellent head and expression, super clean neck flowing to good shoulder placement, well ribbed, level topline, nice return of stifle, in tip-top condition, moved very well both ways. Will surely have a bright future.

City of Birmingham Ch 2006. Judge: C Ashmore
Handsome dog of quality, sound and well constructed, good layback of shoulder, muscular well developed rear quarters, good sound true movement.

WELKS Ch 2007. Judge: W Mary Adams
Excellent stamp of dog, beautiful straight front, good head, standing back on excellent quarters, looking fit and moving soundly.

SRRA Ch 2007. Judge: Gill Lawless
Red wheaten of compact type but well proportioned through, stunning head strong without coarseness, kind dark eye, good length of neck well arched onto good shoulders. Would like a little bit more infill. Well ribbed back, enough length of loin, good turn of stifle, well set hocks used on the move striding out, well handled.

Paignton Ch 2007. Judge: Marion Spavin
Quality head, good eye, well placed ears, lovely front and feet, good neck and topline, excellent bend of stifle, very sound mover.

Bournemouth Ch 2007. Judge: Frank Kane
Beautiful balance and outline, head and expression that is full of quality. I liked the overall package immensely, pressed hard in the challenge.

RRCofGB Ch 2007. Judge: Janet Parker
Loved his head, lovely clean neck, excellent bone and quarters, correct topline and colour. Well handled.

SRRA Ch 2008. Judge: J Aitken Johnston
Balanced head with depth and length to muzzle, flat skull giving good ear carriage, strong neck of good length and shoulder angulation. Well filled front, strong bone, elbows tucked close in, well ribbed, deep brisket, strong quarters, moved out steadily with good reach.

East of England Ch 2008. Judge: Dorothy Grayson-Wood
Mid wheaten, excellent head, correct neck and shoulders, good depth of chest, very good topline held when moving, good ridge, correct angulation on rearquarters giving powerful movement, correct tail carriage. RCC

Gloucester and District Canine Society Open 2010. Judge: Mike Turner
Most elegant and upstanding male, lovely type, super head proportions, good reach of neck and correctly placed shoulders, super length of upper arm, well ribbed up, decent brisket and tight elbows, strong through the loin and well angulated rear, really came into his own on the move, covering a lot of ground and making it look effortless, immaculately presented in super hard condition, just loved him. BOB. Hound Group 1.

SSRA Championship Show 2012. Judge: Jenni Morris
Very fit and well muscled red wheaten, masculine head, well arched neck into level topline, balanced angulation, well boned with very good feet and a very sound mover.

Crufts 2013. Judge: Ann Gates
Eight years, super head and expression, correct ear set and nice dark round eye, good depth of brisket, balanced front and rear, good feet. Moved well still showing his head off in the challenge, a well deserved RCC