Retrospective News Roundup 2016

January - Happy 11th Birthday to Bethra and Barak and all the Riva Litter! Vella started the year in the Junior class and was 1st at Boston and 2nd at Manchester.

February - At the M&N Rhodesian Ridgeback Club AGM Vella was awarded The Mwenga Trophy for Best Puppy Bitch of the Year and The Karebu Shield for Top Puppy.

March - Happy 6th Birthday to the Silk Litter; Porenn, Shemse, Mungo and Rosco!
We had the most amazing day at Crufts! Delighted with Vella winning second in a great Junior class but Porenn was the star. So proud of her winning the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate after being placed second in an outstanding Open class. Thank you to Breed Specialist, Sharon Rossiter, for thinking so highly of our girls. A day to remember!
At the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain AGM Helen was delighted and, a little, speechless to receive the Lee Kent Rose Bowl for my contribution to the breed, away from showing. It was very kind of the Club and not something she ever expected. Also, proud of Vella winning the Gunthwaite Shield for top winning bitch sired by an imported dog. An award that Porenn won in 2014.

April - Vella won a wonderful Junior class under breed expert, Stephen Holbrook, at WELKS.

May - At SRRA Championship Show and at the Scottish Kennel Club Vella was placed 2nd in Junior. Porenn only went to the Scottish show and we were delighted she won Open and the Reserve Challenge Certificate.
Helen was shocked and made to feel very humble when the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland presented her with “The Leo Trophy”. It is a great honour to be awarded this unique statue which was given by Scotty Stewart of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Foundation to the UK Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Council and each year one of the four UK breed clubs select a recipient to receive the trophy in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Thank you for a lovely surprise.

June - At Three Counties Championship Show Vella won her first Post Graduate class and the Reserve Challenge Certificate, which qualified her for her Stud Book Number and a lifetime qualification to Crufts. Porenn was third in a very strong Open class. Thank you to Hound Specialist, Martin Sanders. Vella was second in her class at Border Union Championship Show.

July - Vella won yearling at Windsor Championship.
We had an amazing day at the Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club championship show. We were so proud Porenn won a beautiful open class, she then won her 7th Challenge Certificate and was awarded Best In Show!! Vella also had a great day winning a lovely yearling class and moved out so well for John in the challenge. Thank you to our judge Gavin Robertson for such a special day.

August - At Bournemouth Championship Show our judge was Hound Specialist, Stuart Milner, and we had a great day. Vella was first in post graduate and won her second Reserve Challenge Certificate and Porenn was third in Open.
We only showed Vella at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show and she won the yearling class.
At the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show our judge was breed specialist, Charlotte Strickland, and we were delighted that Vella won yearling and the Reserve Challenge Certificate and Porenn was second in Open.

September - Under hound specialist, Jeff Horswell, at City of Birmingham Championship Show Vella was first in post graduate and was awarded her fourth Reserve Challenge Certificate.

October - Vella won her fifth Reserve Challenge Certificate under breed specialist, Tom Johnstone, at South Wales Championship Show. Porenn was second in open.
Our favourite show of the year is always the SRRA Open Show and this year was no exception. Vella won post graduate and was Reserve Best Bitch In Show, while Porenn was second in her class. Thank you to breed judge, Heidi Parsons. We finished the month with Vella winning second at Midland Counties Championship Show.

November - Happy 2nd Birthday to our Rose Litter; Vella, Zola, Miss Melody, Zeeva and Java.
No showing this month but a trip to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland where Helen had the honour of awarding her first set of KC Challenge Certificates.

December - Fantastic day at LKA Championship Show! Vella won post graduate and Porenn won the Reserve Challenge Certificate. Thank you to breed specialist, Liz Storey for thinking so highly of our girls.